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God is good…so what? [Part 1]



I am very nerdy.

I really like theology and doctrine and learning things. I would be a professional student if it weren’t for the pesky fees you have to pay to actually attend classes.

With every class I’ve ever taken, the theology lesson always starts with God. That’s like the cop out answer everyone gives in Sunday School.

{Who loves you? “Jesus!” We all say in unison}

Ever since my husband and I began teaching youth I’m fully convinced that the only way to start any program or class is by teaching about God. Who He is, what He’s done, what His character is, how He relates to us.

Because ultimately what you think about God affects EVERY aspect of your life- what you think about yourself, how you view others, how you parent, how you do your work, etc.

So we begin with God. This can get tricky because some people grew up learning the truth about God, some learned half-truths, and some learned untruths about Him. Let’s just make one thing clear, there is a God and He wants you to know Him…deeply know Him. This means that if you are confused about Him, take heart because He desires you to know the truth about Him and He makes Himself known through His word ALL THE TIME.

Stay tuned for more on “God is good…so what?”